Introducing 'CHR': The New and Improved Ceiling Hinge Range


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You asked and we listened;
Installers wanted a Ceiling Hinge Product that looked neater, was quicker to install and easier to setup and maintain. The new 'CHR' Ceiling Hinge Range is all this and more!

CHR - Ceiling Hinge


Why has the Range Changed?

Installers and End Users Asked for a Neater Looking Produce Once Installed:

  • Previous Ceiling Hinge mechanisms has a visible metal flange on the ceiling once installed

Installers Asked for a Product That is Easier to Install:

  • Previous Ceiling Hinge mechanisms had to be taken apart before installation and fixed into the ceiling void in multiple parts

Installers Asked for a Product That is Easier to Setup and Maintain/Service:

  • Previous Ceiling Hinge mechanisms required switch adjustments once installed and lacked a manual recovery method in the event of power failure 


What's Changed with the New 'CHR' Ceiling Hinge Range?

  • Inclusion of MDF Trim Panels allows installers to plaster up to the mechanism lid, providing a neat and clean finish to the ceiling
  • Mechanism Dimensions have increased slightly to allow greater choice of screens
  • Maximum Screen Dimensions have changed to suit modern screens
  • Multiple Cable Routes allow separation of power and signal cables
  • Internal Control System and Power Supply mean that only AC power and  screen cables need to be run to the mechanism
  • Self Adjusting Limit Switches guarantee a flush finish when closing

CHR Installation Overview

What are the Benefits of the New Range?

Easier to install:

  • One unit, no disassembly, fewer people and less man hour on site required

Solid, Complete Construction:

  • Reduces chance of any problems during installation, maintenance and general operation

Internal Control System:

  • No loom and no hassle finding a suitable control box location or locating a control box for future servicing

Mechanism and Electrical Recovery:

  • Two simple and easy recovery methods allow manual opening in the event of power failure or control system failure

MDF 'Plaster In' trims:

  • Allow neat and flush install with no visible on ceiling flange

Self Adjusting Limit Switches:

  • Saving time on install and set up while guaranteeing a flush finish every time

Same Near Silent Operation:

  • Quiet motors and new better product aesthetics provide end user with an amazing experience


For a full overview of all the changes to the Ceiling Hinge Range, visit the Ceiling Hinge Range product pages or Speak to a member of the Future Automation team today!