Case Study: Colorado Penthouse Apartment


Case Study



This luxurious penthouse apartment in Denver, CO received an infusion of state-of-the-art technology by Logic Integration to enhance the functionality of the space, while maintaining the home’s contemporary aesthetic. Perfecting the harmony between form and function required specialist knowledge to combine all of the carefully selected sophisticated solutions into a cohesive and intuitive system for the client.



A comprehensive Control4 smart home control system was selected, which allowed Logic Integration to unify all aspects of the penthouse. Strategically placed touchscreen panels were installed throughout the apartment to give the client instant access to lighting, temperature, and audiovisual equipment. Customisation for each user was highlighted as an important feature for the client, which is why user-specific profiles were created for each occupant. These profiles are intuitive for each user to interact with to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience without sacrificing the level of control each user receives. They can also be controlled via an app on the client’s phones for convenient access to their personalised home control interface.



Wireless thermostats, adaptive phase dimmers, audio and networking equipment were all discreetly integrated into the space with concealed wiring runs to minimise the visual impact of the technology throughout the penthouse. This creates a tranquil and inviting home that is designed to offer comprehensive control over all aspects of the rooms without any cable clutter, or obvious signs that the penthouse is ‘smart’.



The apartment features large windows with expansive views across the city. The large windows and architecture of the space necessitated automated shading throughout the property to raise or lower throughout the day without user intervention. This helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the apartment while also reducing the client’s reliance on air conditioning to minimise their energy consumption.



Reserving as much wall space as possible for artwork and architectural features helped to maintain the contemporary look and feel throughout the property. This meant that Logic Integration needed a creative solution to include a display that could be viewed from the kitchen. Our in-ceiling display concealment lift (CHRS) was selected for its ability to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the space while also being able to rotate up to 180° left or right. The display was discreetly installed into the ceiling in the adjoining transitional seating area which has a lower ceiling. It was this lower ceiling that allowed users in the kitchen to be positioned at a perfect viewing height for watching TV while preparing food, or entertaining guests. This placement frees up valuable wall space in the kitchen as it wouldn’t require a dedicated area to wall mount a display. This meant that there was additional space to include features such as the illuminated marble island countertop and bespoke kitchen cabinetry.



The ceiling hinge mechanism integrates seamlessly into the smart home control system, allowing it to be included as a part of the automated scenes that have been pre-programmed by Logic Integration. This flexibility was crucial to achieving the goal of unifying the entire home under one control system for ease of use and functionality.



The seamless integration of technology throughout this project elevates the space without introducing unnecessary complexity and frustration for the client. The design-friendly approach resulted in a home that can autonomously adapt to suit the needs of the user while still maintaining the look and feel of a traditional contemporary home. Technology is now an integral component in every home and this project demonstrates how careful planning and thoughtful implementation can result in an intelligent and responsive luxury living experience.


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