Case Study: Luxury Essex Smart Home Transformation


Case Study

When a builder approached Prestige Audio to integrate a modern AV system into a completely redesigned home Prestige Audio was originally designated a modest budget to fit out the house with a typical AV system. However, after meeting with the client, the scope of the project was elevated to deliver a truly spectacular automated smart home integration system.

The owner chose to demolish the original home to start fresh to create an 850sq.m property which features a wine tasting room, basement car garage, and a dedicated home theatre system.

Prestige Audio leant their expertise in professional home theatre projects and changed the original design for the home theatre to ensure that the audio quality would not be affected by the design of the space. The client owns a nightclub and has exceptionally high standards when it comes to audio fidelity. With a full Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 audio system that was tunes with room acoustics analysis software, Prestige Audio tailored the sound signature of the theatre to suit the clients’ specific requirements.

The high bar that was set with the home theatre had to be carried throughout the entire property. Professional audio systems can be found in the grounds surrounding the property and a 5.1.2 system can be found in the dedicated media room.

With such a high level set for the AV systems throughout the home Prestige Audio chose to integrate Future Automation mechanisms to match the quality of the other smart home systems.

The Moroccan room is a standout area of the home with furniture and accessories specifically selected to match the rooms’ opulent aesthetic. As the room would be used as an entertaining space as well as an area of the home to relax and watch TV it was important to the client that the AV within the room could be completely hidden. To achieve this, Prestige Audio chose our SPS Sliding Panel System that is built into bespoke cabinetry so that the 65” display can be completely hidden away when it isn’t in use.

As the client frequently listens to music, Prestige Audio set up two main modes on the home automation system. The first is a “Watching” mode which reveals the display and tunes the audio profile for watching movies and TV. The second is the “Listening” mode which hides the display to remove distractions from the space and tunes the audio profile for listening to music. It’s these extra steps that Prestige Audio delivered that the client was incredibly pleased with. The client also appreciated that the room didn’t look like it housed a fully featured 5.1.2 audio system and a 65” Samsung OLED display.

In other communal areas of the home traditional display, brackets were used as these displays didn’t need to be concealed in the same way as the main living room. These mounting brackets offer a low profile reliable solution that is discreet and simple to install.

All of the AV systems in the home are controllable through the Controls home automation system that gives the client granular control over every aspect of the property, from lighting to automated Lutron blinds.

Prestige Audio brought their experience with whole-home automation to deliver a system that went above and beyond their client’s expectations. By integrating Future Automation mechanisms and mounts throughout the client benefitted from completely concealed AV which suited their audiophile nature where they may not always want to see a display.


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