Case Study: Immersive Media Room With Fireplace TV Mount


Case Study


A significant renovation to this 1900's property was a perfect opportunity for the client to rethink their living room media experience. The client is an avid movie-watcher and therefore wanted to create a dual-purpose living room that could transform into an immersive home theatre without interrupting the rooms' aesthetic. The client briefed Imagine This with several key functions that the room needed to maintain to suit their lifestyle.

  • The room needed to look and feel like a traditional living room so the client can use the space every day. 

  • The client wanted to have an immersive movie-watching experience without compromising the aesthetics of the room.

  • It was important to maintain the natural orientation of the room.

  • The original fireplace needed to be maintained as this is a key feature of properties from this time period.

Hiding a home theatre in plain sight was the first challenge that needed to be carefully considered. The client didn't want to compromise the aesthetics of the room with a projector system and screen, as the room is regularly used for entertaining, reading and listening to music. As the space's primary function would be a living room and not a theatre, a 65" LG display was selected to maintain the look and feel of a traditional living room while still being capable of delivering a cinematic movie-watching experience. 

As the orientation of the room and the original fireplace were being maintained, the display needed to be mounted above the mantelpiece so it can be viewed from both seating areas. Imagine This knew that mounting a display at this height would not be ergonomic for prolonged viewing periods. Our EAD (Electronic Advance & Drop) display mount was the perfect solution for this mantelpiece display installation as it allows the TV to be lowered to a comfortable viewing height on command. This dramatically improves the ergonomics for watching movies while still being able to have the TV mounted directly above the fireplace.

The EAD also brings the display physically closer to the user when the TV is lowered. This helps create an even more immersive movie-watching experience as the display fills the clients' peripheral vision when seated on either of the sofas. The EAD is fully programmed into the home control system so that the client can automatically lower and raise the display to their favourite preset positions depending on the type of content they are viewing using their Crestron remote control. Imagine This installed the accompanying EAD-WB (Wall Box) to enable the entire mechanism to be stored neatly inside the wall so the display doesn't protrude from the wall. Pairing the EAD with the accompanying Wall Box creates the illusion that the display is mounted to the wall using a traditional fixed position bracket. This unassuming design allows the display to blend seamlessly into the room providing a high-quality media experience in an unobtrusive package.

Bowers and Wilkins 805 bookshelf speakers are flanking the display, which is accompanied by additional ceiling-mounted speakers to achieve a 5.1.4 high-performance sound system. A full acoustic analysis of the space allowed the audio experience to be perfectly tuned to the room for a full and rich listening experience.

Scenes allow the client to adapt the room to suit their requirements. A specific mode for watching movies was pre-programmed to lower the TV, turn off the lights and close the shades. This enables the client to instantly achieve a movie-like experience in their living room on command. Other scenes allow the display to be turned on without the EAD lowering so the TV doesn't become the room's focal point. This option is perfect for entertaining as the display can be left on in the background to provide ambience while relaxing with guests.

This balance of media and living room accommodates both the need for a discreet installation and a high-performance theatre in one. The client was thrilled with the escapism the 'theatre mode' provided as it reinvigorated their love of film and music. They were also pleased that the space retains its functionality as a traditional living room for the entire family to enjoy on a daily basis. 

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