Case Study: Legacy Originals - Secret Room


Case Study

Finding a use for a left over, awkwardly shaped space can be a tricky part of any bespoke install project, but when your client asks you to hide a walk in safe in this space while keeping it easily accessible, where do you turn?  

We spoke to Stuart Reimer from Legacy Originals to find out why he chose to team up with Future Automation to tackle exactly this problem.   

In late August 2016, Stuart and the team at Legacy Originals came to Future Automation with the unique idea of fully hiding a customer walk in safe inside the left-over space in the corner of a room.   

As an added layer of security, the customer requested that when not in use the safe be fully concealed behind flush joinery work. Having been impressed with the function and quality of Future Automation Moving Panel Mechanisms in the past, Stuart knew Future Automation were up to the job.   

To put it in his own words; "There was no other company I even considered for developing the secret room door hardware".

Stuart Reimer from Legacy Originals reveals how they "Figured it out" to create a Secret Room for their client.

Working closely with the team at Legacy Originals, the Future Automation Bespoke Design Team devised a way of automatically concealing and revealing the customer safe at the push of a button, while keeping all the mechanism totally hidden, using a bespoke Retracting Moving Door Mechanism.

Incredibly close design and manufacturing tolerances, combined with superb joinery work by Legacy Originals, enable the Moving Door Mechanism to swiftly and silently blend into the surround cabinetry, completely hiding the safe from view.

The mechanism's guide runners were sent ahead of time to allow Legacy Originals to stick to tight deadlines.

As part of the bespoke design process, Future Automation were able to send detailed design drawings, as well as parts of the mechanism ahead of time to enable Stuart and his team to stick to tight deadlines and deliver a perfectly working product on time. 

Speaking about his experience integrating a bespoke Future Automation mechanism into his project, Stuart says "Jack and the design team at Future Automation were amazing to work with, and although we are from Canada it was an enjoyable experience to come to London and work out some of the last design elements in a face to face meeting. The installation was easy, in fact because we were running slightly behind on our scheduled install we pre-built everything in advance and plugged in the Future Automation hardware on the job site and everything fit perfectly."

Tight design and manufacturing tolerences allow for almost invisible shut lines.

When combined, Future Automation's bespoke moving mechanism and Legacy Originals high end bespoke cabinet work come together to produce a stunning and unique package. Stuart at Legacy Originals finishes up by saying "We have a saying at Legacy Originals - No compromise, no regrets.  We have genuine craftsmen that construct these one of a kind works of art, some other companies claim they are custom, but they are nowhere near the level of Legacy Originals or Future Automation. We are not just custom, we hand craft everything we make. We pride ourselves in coming up with new and innovative design ideas and solving complicated building problems. "

Bespoke mechanism and bespoke joinery work integrate seamlessly together.

Legacy Originals are an approved Future Automation supplier based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They design and install custom interiors for every room, including state-of-the-art kitchens, entertainment units, bathrooms, furniture and cabinets. Legacy Originals can be contacted via or +1 (204) 233 4219.

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