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Case Study


Delivering a cinematic AV experience while working within a Listed apartment was a challenge that Insight Integration undertook as they began conceptualising their specification for this project. As the Central London apartment was a listed building it was protected from a number of structural design changes which a traditional apartment would allow, which meant that Insight Integration had to think creatively to implement the technology the client wanted into the apartment.

The clients' brief specified that all technology should be hidden from view when it isn’t in use so they could enjoy the space as a traditional living room a majority of the time. The client also didn't want to include a traditional display in the living room and instead requested projector system for a more authentic movie-watching experience.




Insight Integration worked closely with the interior designer Mia Karlsson to create a home theatre space which would transform the unassuming living room into a home theatre on command. By integrating the projector and audio system into the walls instead of the ceiling it would not interfere with any of the building listing specifications while still offering the authentic 'cinema' experience the client was looking for.

Hiding the projector screen was the next challenge which Insight Integration undertook. As the projector would not be used as often as a traditional display the screen was integrated into the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. The doorway was the perfect distance to achieve an optimal throw ratio for the JVC DLA-N5B 4K projector and can be hidden above the doorway when it isn’t in use.



To achieve this room transformation from a living room to a home theatre Insight Integration looked to the Future Automation design team to create a customised variation of the in-wall projector hinge (PH2). The customised projector hinge was designed to specifically for the chosen JVC projector to ensure the mechanism would fit inside the living room wall with tight tolerances to keep the installation as discreet as possible.




As in-wall speakers were not allowed under the grade listing requirements, Insight Integration chose to include Gallo Acoustics speakers to create a premium audio experience while watching movies. The colours of the speaker were customised so they would blend seamlessly into the space..

Completing the transformation from living room to home theatre was achieved by integrating Lutron roller blinds and KNX lighting control to make the room as dark as possible to recreate the feeling of a cinema. The entire system was integrated into the project using Control4’s interface which the user could control using either the remote control or the owner’s mobile/tablet devices.

This project shows how limitations can result in the most creative solutions. Working within the buildings’ graded listing meant Insight Integration had to think creatively and design a fully customised solution to achieve this impressive room transformation. In doing so they delivered the authentic and bespoke home theatre experience in the discreet package that the client wanted.


“The entire experience from start to finish was highly professional and I am delighted with the finished result” Client Testimonial – Insight Integration


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