Case Study: Perfect Integration - Monaco Villa


Case Study

Located along the Monaco coastline, this secluded villa has recently received a full renovation to match the aesthetic Perfect Integration achieved with the owner's other residencies. The exterior of the home remains unchanged to ensure it remains in keeping with the surrounding properties. However, peel back the historical exterior and you will find a fully modernised interior which has been extended downward to create a vast five-floor home featuring a full spa, dedicated cinema room and a basement garage complete with a turntable and a motorised car lift. The display solutions throughout the property are designed to allow for Perfect Integration to have full access to each display for servicing and upgrades in the future while being able to be fully recessed or concealed within each room so they do not interrupt the look and feel of the home.

Starting in the master bedroom, this room features a breathtaking view of the ocean, which is why the homeowner wanted to avoid placing a display in the room as it would either be located at an awkward viewing angle or obstruct the balcony access. Our PL proved to be an optimal solution as it offered the owner an opportunity to have a large display in the centre of the room that can be recessed within the bespoke cabinetry at the foot of the bed. This enables the owner to enjoy the view and have full access to the display in a moment's notice. The side-mounted Leon soundbars also provide exceptional clarity and have the added benefit of being handcrafted to match the height of the display.

The walls and ceilings of the guest suites are hand-finished with intricate detailing which proved challenging when implementing AV solutions into each of these spaces. Wall and ceiling mounted display solutions would have interrupted the look and feel of each of these rooms which is why Perfect Integration chose to incorporate the PL into these spaces as well. The discreet cabinetry fully conceals and reveals the display at a moment's notice while also removing the need to take up valuable wall and ceiling space within each of these suites. 

On the ground floor, the guest bedrooms featured handcrafted marble accents throughout. The AV solutions in each of these rooms were optimised for a simple and elegant viewing experience. Each display is recessed into the walls using our PS55 manual articulating wall bracket to ensure that Perfect Integration is able to gain access to the rear of each display for future servicing and upgrades. These brackets are recessed within the wall fascias to sit perfectly flush against the wall.

The basement level of the home is where the full spa and cinema can be found. The spa features elegant touches, such as the handcrafted backlit geode wall which casts multicoloured reflections throughout the room and the bespoke mosaic tiles which cover the water features found within the sauna and wet rooms. The massage parlour is awash with a warm glow and the plunge pool is recessed into the ground for those who are daring enough to jump in.

The distinct red velvet and gilded accents in the cinema feel regal and give the space a memorable personality. At the push of a button, the automated velvet curtain is drawn to reveal the display and projector with Dolby Atmos AV throughout to deliver an exceptional movie-watching experience.


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