Case Study

While the exterior of this Notting Hill residence looks entirely unassuming the interior of this home is packed with character. Each room throughout the entire home has its own distinct aesthetic with unique lighting and art which affect the experience as you travel between each space.

The lower level is a dedicated entertaining space featuring a bar and cinema space for the owner to host movie nights and cocktail parties. It's bathed in warm light which contrasts with the natural light that flows into space from the skylight. 

/video from basement

/photos from basement

Moving upstairs the master bedroom is awash with glowing pink light from the neon sign which gives the room a unique look and feel. This space had few options for screen placement because of the pitched walls and existing furnishings and the owner wanted to maintain the unique look of the space that they had created. We were able to entirely conceal the display within the frame of the bed so that it could be entirely hidden when not in use. To ensure the display would be able to be viewed from any angle within the room we implemented a swivel unit into the under bed lift (UBLS) which can be fully hidden behind a motorised flap under the bed. The powder coated finish also catches the light within the space to blend into the environment while remaining effortless for the owner to watch tv from any angle within the room.

Installation by Tillman Domotics.