Case Study: Life Emotions - Music Home


Case Study

A distinguished and complex project, the Life Emotions’ ‘Music Home’ was crowned a winner at the 2017 Cedia Awards.

Life Emotions - Music Home - 3

The homeowner is an avid audiophile and musician, so incorporating quality sound design into the space was paramount. The sound engineers worked tirelessly to ensure that the room presented an optimal sound signature for the client.

But, what good is amazing sound quality if you have nothing to play?

Life Emotions - Music Home - 2

This wasn’t a worry in this space as a DJ booth had been installed to pump sound throughout the entire property using an intuitive home automation system, which had been integrated into every room. Guests could now enjoy a party atmosphere from anywhere, even the garden.

Life Emotions - Music Home - 1

As so much care and attention had been placed into the audio experience, Life Emotions looked to Future Automation to provide an equally impressive visual experience. Our PF65 Flat Brackets were utilised throughout the property, chosen because of their ease of use and unobtrusive design. They ensured that all the vibrant displays were secured in place with ease using the simple mounting mechanism.

Life Emotions - Music Home - 4

Sitting just 25mm (0.98”) from the wall, the PF65s allowed the display to remain close to the wall, ensuring that the properties’ aesthetic remained uninterrupted. The handcrafted mount is formed of a simple to fit two-part design, engineered to be as simple as possible to install, ensuring that the installation went off without a hitch.

The client was thrilled with the final feel of the property and the DJ room deservedly earned the title ‘Best Media Room’ EMEA Level II.

We’re looking forward to working with Life Emotions on their next innovative project.  


Life Emotions are an approved Future Automation dealer based in Lisbon, Portugal. They pair the best in high-end technology with the art of great interiors, for the ultimate lifestyle experience. Life Emotions can be contacted via or on +351 210 96 22 99.

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