New Range Release: Sliding Panel System (SPS)


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Our award-winning SPS range has played a major role in concealing displays in forward-thinking smart home projects for over a decade.



There are 4 versions of the SPS available which can be paired with either our AB (Advance Bracket) or QA2 (Motorised Articulating Mount).


New SPS (Ships with Advance Bracket as standard)


New SPS-QA2 (Ships with awarding winning motorised articulating display mount)



We’re excited to announce that our design team has re-engineered our range of SPS mechanisms to make them easier to install and service. The range also now benefits from a new motor with reduced vibrations to allow the SPS range to open quietly and smoothly.



The new side channels feature a slot that guides the sliding panel smoothly in one continuous motion. This means you only need to adjust the in and out switches on the mechanism to simplify the installation and panel alignment processes. Access required to the mechanism after installation has also been re-engineered. Now only the left and right sides of the mechanism require access for servicing and future upgrades, which can be achieved by including removable/hinging panels (examples can be found in our SPS/SPS-QA technical documentation at the bottom of each product page).

The new AB (Advance Bracket) has also been re-engineered. The AB ships with the SPS in its default configuration as it allows the display to advance forward to sit flush with the surrounding cabinetry after the sliding panel has opened. The mechanism incorporates the iconic scissor-arm design found in our award-winning PS Bracket range to make servicing the mount simple. Pulling the bracket forward lets you hook on/off the display with easy access to the rear of the display to simplify installation.



All of the new SPS mechanisms can also be paired with our award-winning QA2 motorised mount which allows the display to advance and rotate. This allows architects and designers to create social spaces with more flexible furniture configurations without compromising their clients’ movie-watching experience.




The SPS is one of the most discreet ways to integrate a display into a wall. Its sophisticated design gives interior designers and architects opportunities to integrate a display into their space while maintaining their design aesthetic.