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Keep your 2018 Samsung One Connect Box concealed inside the Future Automation Wall Box (WB26, WB31) with easy access to IO with a Manual Pull and Swivel Servicing Bracket (PS55).

Once installed, the Frame TV no longer needs to be removed from the wall to access the rear of the display or the One Connect Box. Servicing and maintenance can be performed by a single integrator with minimal effort. To access the rear of the display the integrator gently pulls and rotates the display away from the wall.

All the display's cabling remains out of sight as it is managed through the dedicated mounting points along the arm of the PS bracket, ensuring no unsightly cables are left exposed after installation.

The Pull and Swivel Service Bracket can be installed inside the Wall Box in a variety of configurations using the included mounting kit. At just 2" thick the Pull and Swivel Service Bracket is the perfect accompaniment to the Samsung Frame TV and One Connect Box.





Configuration Demonstrated - PS55, WB26 mounted centrally in front of the 2018 One Connect Box allowing a 0.5" gap between the wall and the Samsung Frame TV.

A variety of mounting configurations are available including off-set mounting and custom Wall Box depths. Check out the WB26 and WB31 technical sheets for our full mounting configuration options. 

Speak to a member of our team for more information about customisable Wall Box options.

The latest 2018 One Connect Boxes are both compatible with the WB26 and WB31. We can design and manufacture custom depth wall boxes to suit newer models of the Samsung One Connect Box to enable flush wall mounting of the Samsung Frame TV.