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Our manufacturing facilities are built to enable our teams to create large volumes of wiring panels from scratch. Each process follows the same level of stringent quality control and assessment to ensure that every panel we produce is of the highest standard.

Our range of enclosures have been engineered to offer maximum compatibility with modules and can be configured to suit a wide variety of use cases.

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Our team is trained to wire enclosures professionally and can follow provided wiring diagrams to ensure that your enclosures arrive configured to specification.



Cable management is paramount, which is why every member of our team is trained to follow strict wiring procedures, ensuring that every panel we produce meets our exacting standards.



Our team can take the hassle out of debugging, performing full procedures before shipping, saving unnecessary pressure onsite. This ensures that our panels are ready to install the moment they arrive. Our team will be on hand to assist with any technical information about any of our panels, giving you peace of mind during installation.

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BS 7671:2018

In the UK since 2008, there has been a requirement that all electrical installations must adhere to the 17th edition BS 7671 “Requirements for Electrical Installations”, written and maintained by International Electrical Commission. In 2015, amendment 3 of the 17th edition introduced a number of changes regarding panel access and fire containment.

In 2015 we made a number of changes to the design of our electrical enclosures to guarantee that they not only met the minimum amendment 3 requirements, but also exceeded them.

The 18th edition of BS 7671, released at the end of 2018, supersedes all previous editions and the emphasis is now placing even more onus on the building electrical designer for correct planning and risk assessment for the individual building.

The 18th edition introduced a number of changes, so in the below document we have laid out how these changes will affect all Future Automation Electrical Enclosures;

PDF DocumentBS-7671 18th UK Wiring Regulation Amendment 2 - 28TH March 2022

PDF DocumentEnclosure Compliance with 18th Edition BS 7671:2018 Changes

PDF DocumentDeclaration of Conformity